Shop Small

Shop Small Saturday was this past weekend and we want to thank everyone who came out and supported not just us, but all the amazing small businesses that grace this community.

Shop Small Saturday is a great sentiment and a wonderful reminder of just how important small businesses are… they’re so much more than just selling products and services. They’re individuals, families, and entrepreneurs that have risked a lot to make their dream come to life, all in hopes that their dream will somehow serve others.

Small businesses are usually filled with an energy that is palpable… it’s ambition, trust, creativity, and a hell of a lot of courage - all from the hearts of the people that believed in it enough to take the leap.

Owning and operating a business is by far the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. Tears, fears, scarcity, worry, even depression, have been a part of this very winding journey. But for every tear, there has been 100 smiles, for every worry, there have been 100 miracles, and for every fear, I have mustered up bravery a thousand times over. It’s challenging, and no doubt humbling, but my god, it is beautiful and worth it.

So Shop Small Saturday is a great reminder - but don’t forget about all those small businesses throughout the year. The livelihood and heart of our communities as a whole are absolutely linked to the success of our small businesses.

Thank you to each person who has walked through our doors and supported our wild dreams!


Magdalene FinwallComment