November 2013 - I was living in Minot, North Dakota with a boyfriend, running an animal shelter. 

That Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I drove home to the mitten state to meet my family in Marquette. 

My parents had rented a three bedroom house for us all to stay at. It was a beautiful house... but it was haunted. The weekend was filled with supernatural occurrences that left us all very shaken. So shaken that my brother had a local healer/intuitive come to the house to help us unpack what had happened. 

As we all stood in the bedroom that was seemingly the most haunted, the healer looked at me and said “What do you believe in?”
I stood there, arms folded, guard up. 
I said “I believe in myself. That’s all I believe in.”
He nodded and understood. 

I left that house feeling all sorts of heavy. The story that unfolded from those energies was a darkness I had never felt before. 

Weeks later, my brother called me to talk. He said that the healer had told him in a private conversation that he felt strongly that I was a witch, but I was denying that aspect of myself. Hearing those words for the third time - I couldn’t ignore this anymore. 

My life changed drastically over the next two months. By the beginning of 2014 my relationship fell apart in the most brutal way. A betrayal against my body that I will never forget. 

I left everything. My job, my friends, and the old me in North Dakota. I said goodbye to the life that kept me docile and small. 

I landed in Marquette and began to slowly unravel who I was and what I wanted. I began reading tarot. I began holding rituals. I was having vivid dreams of the Goddess. She called to my soul so deeply that I couldn’t help but feel her in all that I did. 

The next three years were a deep dive into spirituality that sent me for loop after loop. Pivotal karmic relationships and experiences that have changed the fabric of who I am. 

I found my power. I found that little girl who KNEW who she was from the moment she was born, but was conditioned to forget. I found a community of witches here in Marquette (yes, there are A LOT of us), and all over the world. Sisters that will be by my side for lifetimes.

The world would have us believe that magic isn’t real. That we don’t hold powers, that healers are just scammers and to just be quiet and don’t stray from the line. 

I am here to tell you this... 
Stray from the line.
Don’t dim your light, not for anyone.
Believe in magic, and give it your own definition.
If something is calling to your soul - trust me that it WILL NOT STOP until you listen. 
The journey of resistance is painful, the journey of surrender is beautiful. 
Only you can decide your truth, no one else.
And lastly - you are not alone. 

More stories will come with time, but for now, I hope this has helped with a deeper understanding of the witch on Baraga Ave and all the magic that we’re diving into in this little blue building.

An exciting announcement is coming tomorrow. Love to you all 🖤

Magdalene Finwall