Maggie has been immersed in the floral industry since 2014, and became co-owner of Northwoods Flora in May of 2017.

Her path to becoming a floral designer has been winding, but clear, it is her greatest love and passion. Her calling to flowers reaches far deeper than design, but more so into the soul. She is dedicated to helping people have a deeper understanding of flowers, their symbolism, and overall essence.


She refers to flowers as her greatest teachers, as they are beautiful, but fleeting. In order to capture their magic you must be in the here and now, mastering the art of letting go.


Maggie is also Northwoods Flora’s resident witch. When she isn’t slinging flowers, she’s dealing magick… including tarot readings, energy healing, and apothecary production. Always hypnotized by the spirit of flowers, she incorporates them into every aspect of her craft.