Fuck Comfort - A Dive Into Shadow

Fuck Comfort - A Dive Into Shadow


Join North Country Sunday Revival for an intensive dive into the places you play small and hold yourself hostage. Comfort denies growth.
Join us to begin the work of uncovering the behaviors and thought patterns that keep you from living a more authentic life.

*This event is intended to be a safe space for those who identify as female, femme, woman, womyn, womxn. 18+ up. Space is limited to 8 participants.

This workshop is led by Magdalene Finwall and Alexandra Maxwell, two local healers who have been holding women’s circles in Marquette since November, 2018.
Saturday, October 26th 9am-6pm
$120 per person

Highlights listed below, more details will be given at the time of sign-up.
Talking Circles
Fresh Delicious Food
Mellow Flow Yoga
Releasing Ritual

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