In offering the Marquette Community live Sound Baths comprised of Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, and Vocal Toning, it is my intention to create and hold spaces of relaxation and healing. Much of the “dis-ease” that ails our society today is stress related. Although Singing Bowls and Chanting are ancient techniques, the Sound Bath is a relatively new concept in the West. I use this as one way to relinquish some of the stress of our day to day lives. After about 5 years of self teaching, exploration, and practice I have come to believe that cultivating deep relaxation through sound can allow the body to enter its own natural healing state. Once in this state, physical relief, emotional balance, and spiritual abundance can be found. If you’d like to hear and feel these relaxing and stress relieving sounds, I’d love to create them for you.  

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Currently Sound Bath sessions are priced on a sliding scale to ensure that this experience is available to all. Based on your financial ability and your experience with our time together, the price you pay is your choice. Please stay within the suggested price range of each offering if possible.

Individual Sessions
30 Minute $20-$75
60 Minute $40-$125

Group Sessions (2-6 People)
30 Minute $30-$150
60 Minute $60-$200

Interactive Vocal Toning (1 hour)
Individual Session $25-$75
Group Session $45-$150

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I have never had an experience that landed me so acutely in the present moment. With my arrival came the realization that I was starving for the presence provided by this service. Witnessing DJ’s work with sound was a whole-body and whole-mind experience I would recommend to anyone.
— Taylor
With life moving constantly in a fast pace around us, the chaotic sound of reality can overwhelm me to the point that I neutralize and normalize it. DJ’s sound bath opened up my soul to deal with that chaotic, emotional white noise I endure on a daily basis…  Sound healing with DJ reminded me to pay attention to myself, but also to let go of things out of my control.
— Isabella