Tarot & Intuitive Readings

The purpose of an intuitive reading is to bring clarity, confirmation, and a deeper understanding to any questions or concerns you may be having. Most readings involve 2 to 3 card decks, including tarot and oracle.

Maggie has been reading tarot and oracle cards for over five years and is continuously unfolding her psychic intuitive gifts and sharing them with her clients. The intuitive readings she provides are primarily focused on your current energies and the conditions needed for releasing the past and moving forward.

Types of Readings

Readings are available by appointment or walk-in at the shop or prepared as a document and sent to your email within 48 hours of purchase.

To schedule a reading with Maggie at the shop please click the button below.


Virtual readings can be purchased below.
You will be prompted at the time of checkout to provide the topic in which you’re seeking guidance. If you have specific questions, please indicate that as well.
An electronic file will be emailed to you with your reading within 48 hours of purchase.