Maggie has been reading tarot and oracle cards for over five years and is continuously unfolding her psychic intuitive gifts and sharing them with her clients. The intuitive readings she provides are primarily focused on your current energies and the conditions needed for releasing the past and moving forward.

Maggie’s primary goal with her readings is to empower her clients to trust their own intuition and see the tarot reading as a tool to align them with their highest calling.


The purpose of tarot is to bring clarity, confirmation, and a deeper understanding to any questions or concerns you may be having. Most readings involve 2 to 3 card decks, including tarot and oracle.

Many people find tarot readings to be a bit intimidating at first, but rest assure, these readings are simply here to help confirm that which your Soul already knows. Sometimes we all just need a little extra intuitive guidance and the acknowledgment of our heart’s deepest truth.


Readings are available by appointment only.
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